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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Chad Oxley understands that community needs are not being met and that community engagement is key to improve the safety and security of all Stafford County residents. Chad feels strongly that a strong partnership with the community will allow the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office to more effectively meet the challenges facing our area. Chad intends on partnering with our federal agencies by providing them with full time investigators for the various task forces, which will in turn provide us with a force multiplier when we have major incidents.

Chad Oxley intends to seek out the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force to join and provide that task force with a full-time investigator in order to address the ongoing MS 13 problem within our communities. As it is well known, criminals know no borders and the Sheriff’s Office needs to strengthen our partnerships with neighboring agencies. Chad Oxley intends to address the ever-growing problem in this county of financial elder abuse by partnering with our federal partners and the Rappahannock Area Agency on Aging.


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